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Director, Environmental Science

Senior Research Scholar, Health Populations Institute

Dalhousie University

My academic work is focused at the nexus of population health science, environmental epidemiology and health geography, including interests in:

  • People-environment interactions and health behaviours

  • Health benefits of nature contact in health promotion

  • Innovations in wearables, data capture via smartphone, wireless sensor networks and spatial analytics.


Research Interests

I study the relationships between the quality of the environment and our health. I am particularly interested in people-environment interactions, the influence of environments on human health behaviours and decision making, and the influence of the environment (good and bad) on human health outcomes.

My research is interdisciplinary, drawing on health geography and spatial analysis, population health science, environmental science and sustainability, and environmental epidemiology. I also love gadgets, particularly gadgets that people wear to track their behaviours and locations, and those that measure the quality and characteristics of the environment. Some people call this kind of work "measuring the exposome".

Presently, I focus my attention on three interrelated research areas: nature experience and human health; investigating human health-related behaviours through wearables and location tech; exposure assessment work for epidemiological research.


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Nature contact and health
Wireless Sensor Networks

Recent Papers:

Katapally T, Bhawra J, Leatherdale S, Ferguson L, Longo J, Rainham DG, Larouche R, Osgood N. The SMART study: a mobile health and citizen science methodological platform for active living surveillance, integrated knowledge translation, and policy interventions. JMIR Public Health and Surveillance 2018 (In press).


Rainham DG, Brown P, Sampalli T. Spatial variation in risk for physician diagnosed environmental sensitivity. Spatial and Spatio-Temporal Epidemiology 2017; 23: 35-45.


Lawrence L, Stone M, Keats M. Environments associated with moderate-to-vigorous physical activity and sedentary behavior of colorectal cancer survivors. International Journal of Behavioural Medicine 2017; 24: 120-126.


Daley K, Jamieson R, Rainham DG, Truelstrup Hansen L. Wastewater treatment and public health in Nunavut: a microbial risk assessment framework for the Canadian Arctic. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 2017: DOI: 10.1007/s11356-017-8566-8.

Katapally T, Rainham DG , Muhajarine N. The influence of weather variation, urban design and built environment on objectively measured sedentary behaviour in children. AIMS Public Health 2016; 3(4): 663-681.



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Healthy Populations Institute

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