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"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it."

- Robert Swan


Recent Publication


Taking action towards climate-resilient, low-carbon, health systems: Perspectives from Canadian health leaders and healthcare professionals


Climate change poses significant public health and health system challenges including increased demand for health services due to chronic and acute health impacts from vector-borne diseases, heat-related illness, and injury from severe weather. As climate change worsens, so do its effects on health systems such as increasing severity of weather extremes causing damage to healthcare infrastructure and interference with supply chains. Ironically, health sectors globally are significant contributors to climate change, generating an estimated 5% of global emissions. Achieving “net zero” health systems require large-scale change with shared decision-making to coordinate a pan-Canadian approach to creating climate-resilient and low-carbon healthcare. In this article, we discuss healthcare professionals’ and health leaders’ perceptions of responsibility for practicing and advocating for climate-resilient and low-carbon healthcare in Canada.

About Daniel


I'm a professor in health promotion, a member of the Healthy Populations Institute, and flagship project co-lead, Creating Sustainable Health Systems in a Climate Crisis, at Dalhousie University. I work with a fantastic team of trainees and colleagues to explore the relationships between the quality of the environment and human health. The quality of the environment can be beneficial, like when we take time to immerse ourselves in nature; or, it can be detrimental such as when we are exposed to harmful contaminants.


My research is focused on measuring the characteristics of the environment, investigating how these characteristics affect our health, and experimenting with solutions and interventions toward a sustainable, healthy lifespan. If this type of work sounds interesting or even fascinating to you then please get in touch.


I'm always looking for enthusiastic and motivated individuals to join or support the team. Opportunities.

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