"I cannot think of a single thing that would be more important to us than to have a pure environment for our health...human health is dependent upon planetary health and everything must exist in a delicate web of balanced relationships"

-Dr. Lori Arviso Alvord


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Chronic exposure to environment noise is associated with sleep disturbance and cardiovascular diseases. In this study, we employed random forests (RF) model to estimate environmental noise levels in five Canadian cities and compared noise estimations between RF and LUR models. A total of 729 measurements and 33 built environment-related variables were used to estimate spatial variation in environmental noise at the global (multi-city) and local (individual city) scales. Using the global RF model we were able to explain almost 60% of the spatial variation in noise associated with land use and features of the built environment. These models are crucial for estimating exposure to noise in urban areas where there is a lack of noise measurement.​

About Daniel


I'm Daniel Rainham, an associate professor at Dalhousie University. I work with a fantastic team of trainees and colleagues to explore the relationships between the quality of the environment and human health. The quality of the environment can be beneficial, like when we take time to immerse ourselves in nature; or, it can be detrimental such as when we are exposed to harmful contaminants.


My research is focused on measuring the characteristics of the environment, investigating how these characteristics affect our health, and experimenting with solutions and interventions toward a sustainable, healthy lifespan. If this type of work sounds interesting or even fascinating to you then please get in touch.


I'm always looking for enthusiastic and motivated individuals to join or support the team.


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