Training Opportunities


This project aims to quantify geographic accessibility of parks and recreational facilities across Canada, employ data collection tools to gather information about the quality of parks and recreation facilities, and document the operational and strategic policies that affect access to and user experiences in parks and recreational facilities using an equity lens. Several funded studentships at the masters and doctoral levels are available. How to apply.


GIS & Health (Exposure Assessment)

I am looking for a graduate student, preferably at the doctoral level, to join our team at Dalhousie University on a CIHR-funded research project (PI: Dr. Paul Villeneuve) to estimate patterns of mortality and cancer incidence among adults who live near Canadian nuclear power plants. To examine patterns of cancer incidence and mortality we will investigate differences in mortality and cancer rates between those who live near NPPs to those who do not while accounting for other determinants of health. We will also create exposure surfaces that map differences in ionizing radiation around the NPPs, and we will estimate how health risks vary by these exposures. The graduate student will conduct research in support of developing spatio-temporal exposure models around each nuclear power plant. How to apply.