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June 13, 2020

Creating Sustainable Health Systems in a Climate Crisis

A sustainable health system provides for the care needs of today without compromising the ability to provide for those needs in the future. Climate change and other environmental challenges (biodiversity loss, pollution, soil depletion, etc.) are critical threats to health. Canada has made ambitious commitments to cut emissions, and while all targets have thus far been missed, the country has articulated a nonbinding strategy for 2050 of “deep decarbonization” of the economy. The health system has a large role to play in this undertaking, because despite its mission to support health, its practices are actually part of the problem.

Team: Daniel Rainham, Sean Christie, Gillian Ritcey, Peter Tyedmers, Jono Drew

Partners: Healthy Populations Institute

Funder: Healthy Populations Institute

January 24, 2020

The OHASIS Project

The aim of OHASIS is to improve children’s health and quality of learning environments, and to create improved public spaces for local communities, while simultaneously contributing to increased resilience of cities to environmental, social, and economic changes.

Team: Daniel Rainham, Dan Crouse, Jason Gilliland, Matilda va den Bosch, Paul Villeneuve, Peter Duinker and Cam Collyer

Partners: Evergreen Canada and the Canadian Urban Environmental Health Research Constortium (CANUE)

Funder: Canadian Institutes for Health Research (IPPH)

March 30, 2020

Air Quality, Noise and Traffic Baseline Study: Spring Garden Road Streetscaping Project (Halifax)

This baseline study provides a foundation on which to investigate how the quality of urban environments are modified as a result of street enhancement projects. More specifically, this project focused on the measurement of air quality, noise and traffic conditions on Spring Garden Road, as well as roads north and south of Spring Garden Road, which may be impacted by modifications to the design and streetscape of Spring Garden Road.

Team: Daniel Rainham, Jong Sung Kim, Julia Walker

Partners: Health and Environments Research Centre

Funder: Halifax (Halifax Regional Municipality)

February 1, 2020

Nova Scotia Health Atlas (Renewal)

As a source of research intelligence for health policy and decision making, a health atlas can offer tremendous opportunities to understand regional variations in how health and medical resources are distributed and used in Nova Scotia, and how these patterns of variations may impact health outcomes. Ideally the atlas serves as a resource to communicate research results, assist in targeting interventions and research, monitor health status and outcomes, and evaluate the policies and programs intended to improve health.

Team: Dr. Mikiko Terashima, Dr. Daniel Rainham, Dr. Nathalie Saint-Jacques, Dr. George Kephart, Marina Hamilton (MSSU)

Partners: Darkhorse Analytics, Department of Health and Wellness, Nova Scotia Health Authority, IWK Health Centre, Dalhousie University

Funder(s): Dalhousie University; Maritime SPOR Support Unit


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