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Current Students/Trainees I Work With


Beau Ahrens

Doctoral Candidate

Beau is investigating the relationship between thermal stress and human mortality, and how this relationship may be modified by tree canopy cover.

  • Check out Beau's Blog on the ESRI Canada Centres of Excellence page

  • Explore an application created by Beau and colleague Leah Fulton for the ESRI App Challenge: Burning Tree


Matthew McKitrick

Doctoral Candidate

Matthew graduated from SFU with a Masters of Science in Geography and is now a PhD candidate in the PhD in Health program at Dalhousie. With funding support from CIHR (PI: Villeneuve) Matthew will develop state-of-the-art geospatial models to estimate radiation exposure from Canada's nuclear power stations among members of the CanCHEC cohort.

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