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Training Opportunities

Prospective Students and Postdoctoral Fellows

Thank you for your interest in working with me and I sincerely welcome your interest in learning more about environmental epidemiology and health geography. When funded positions are available they will be posted to this website. In general these positions provide students with an opportunity to develop research abilities and are aligned with specific objectives associated with funded-research proposals. I also welcome prospective students to propose their own project ideas.

I generally receive about 2-4 e-mails daily from students looking to work with me and study at Dalhousie University. Although I generally welcome enquiries from prospective students, even if there are no funded opportunities posted, I will not respond unless there is evidence that some effort has been afforded to describing your research interests, articulating specific research questions (to demonstrate that you have considered how the research may be directed) and how your interests align with my own expertise. I focus on research that has practical application and is rooted in coproduction. The goal is to support you in developing your skills in research, project management, comunications, and in thinking about how to improving population health.


To this end, if you would like to express interest in working with me then please send an email to: daniel.rainham[at]dal[dot]ca that include:

  • A brief description of your research interests including suggestions of specific research questions. Fully developed research ideas are not necessary but consideration of how the research aligns with my research and values are helpful.

  • A short summary of the methods you may use to answer your research questions

  • A short version of your curriculum vitae (CV) or résumé, as well as "unofficial" copies of your most recent transcripts. In general we require a minimum GPA of 3.5 to be admitted to our graduate programs and to be competitive for externals funding opportunities.

  • Describe what funding opportunities you will apply to. You can find out what funds are available at Dalhousie's Faculty of Graduate Studies website.

Current Opportunities

Urban Carbon-Emission Modeler (PhD Studentship)

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